1962 Columbia University Summer Program
1964 Colorado College BFA Painting
1969 University of Colorado MFA Painting

Solo Exhibitions

2011    Rule Gallery, Denver, CO
2004    Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO
1992    Hassel- Haesler Gallery Denver, CO
1990    Pirate Contemporary, Denver, CO
1987    Pirate Contemporary, Denver, CO
1985    Pirate Contemporary Art Oasis, Denver, CO
1984    Sebastion-Moore Gallery Denver, CO
1983    Sebastion-Moore Gallery, Denver, CO
1983    Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
1982    Spark Gallery Denver, CO
1980    Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
1979    Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
1979    Sebastion-Moore Gallery, Denver, CO

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013    Inside-Out, Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO
2012    Influential Colorado Women Artists, Arvada Center for the Visual Arts
2010    Love Lines, Red Line, Denver, CO
2009    Red at Rule, Rule Gallery, Denver, CO
2007    Disasters of War, Mizel Museum, Denver, CO
2006    The Armory Show, Mizel Museum, Denver, CO
2005    Lure, Rule Gallery, Denver, CO
2005    Trading Voices, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanties, Juried by Diane Vanderlip
2000    Founding Artists, Spark Gallery, Denver, CO
2000    Group Exhibit, Jewish Community Center Denver, CO
1992    Colorado Showcase: Paul Gillis, Andy Libertone, Margarett Neumann, Boulder Center for the Visual Arts
1985    Views of Denver, University of Denver, Denver, CO
1984    Animals in Art Grant Street Arts Center, Denver, CO
1984    Chicago Art Expo, Sebastian-Moore Gallery, Chicago, IL
1983    Colorado Biennial, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Juried by Robert Storr
1981    Eccentric Premise, Colorado Institute of Art, Denver, CO
1980    Boulder Center for the Visual Arts, Denver, CO
1978    SPREE ‘78, City and Count of Denver, Denver, CO
1978    Portrait of the Young Woman As An Artist, Boulder Center for Visual Art, Boulder, CO
1976    Fifth Colorado Invitational, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
1974    Colorado Biennial, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO